Our Aspiration

"Architects, in partnership with clients, have the potential to influence the creation of such environments that will foster inspiring architecture that lifts the human spirit for the betterment of humankind. In this sense, a more hopeful future is within our reach, waiting to be built."

- Jonas Salk

Our Guiding Core Values

Sperides Reiners Architects, Inc. (SRa) designs buildings and environments that reflect our clients’ visions and embodies opportunities for design, innovation and sustainability.

Inspire—We look to our clients to share their vision for their project with us; we then re-think and re-imagine what is possible. This is our passion and our reward. We add value on every detail to improve the project’s vision, client relationship and desired outcome.

Create—We take great joy in breathing life into your vision. To build and push beyond what is imagined. To create in this way is humbling, powerful and inspiring.

Endure—We believe that design is one of the strongest strategic tools for securing lasting value today. And, more importantly, for tomorrow.

How We Do It

From the beginning to the end of a project, our careful planning and team approach lead to a positive, responsive design.

We Create a Platform of Flexibility

You choose the options that best work and fit your vision. As a result, our team is built for flexibility in all facets of the process, from initial concepts through final construction. We guide and consult with you through the entire process with this flexibility in mind. Because flexibility is built in from the start, the probability that your investment outcome will turn out positive is greater.

We Are Careful Planners at Every Step of the Process

Because every project has a myriad of issues and decisions that can quickly overwhelm even the most seasoned client, we use a detailed project plan approach. By completing extensive planning upfront and updating those plans throughout the project, we keep the project focused, with responsive design, that is on-budget and on-time.

These principles motivate and guide our skilled team of design professionals. Thus, we build trust faster, communicate better and make smarter decisions. When this occurs, we can deliver a project that functions properly and that is very “construct-able” with few if any technical problems.

We Take a Top to Bottom Team Approach

Our leadership team is involved at every step of the process. This is surprisingly unique in our business. You have active participation of the principals of the firm, working directly with your team for the duration of the project. The impact is substantial.

Whether it is making typical day-to-day decisions or facing unanticipated issues, our team can provide a steady hand to manage the important decisions that impact your design and build journey. In the end, teaming up with all levels of our organization creates a higher probability of success.

This approach has served us and our clients well. We can maintain the balance needed for a project from start to finish—between vision and reality, expectations and goals, agenda and listening.

We are Humble in Our Work and Past Success

In this business, it is easy to get caught up in self-importance. This can get your new project off on the wrong foot, force project re-direction and possibly blow the budget before you even begin.

That’s why we like to say we are very proud of our work and the impact it has had on our clients’ businesses and the communities they serve, but we are humble in every respect. We believe our work speaks for itself; it is intended to benefit our clients and their mission, not necessarily us—and that’s an important distinction today.

Leadership Team

Eric Reiners, Principal, NCARB, AIA

Eric serves as a principal at Sperides Reiners Architects and contributes more than 25 years of experience to his active participation in all facets of daily practice.  

Eric provides leadership in design and champions design excellence in every project, no matter how large or small.  He brings a unique perspective to process of building development, design and program application, contributing a substantial depth of knowledge and experience in the translation of client’s vision into creative yet practical solutions.

Eric is a great mentor for his staff and has also provided his leadership and teaching skills as a volunteer coach in the local community, from youth levels all the way through high school varsity basketball programs.  He spent more than 15 years actively volunteering in youth sports and local youth educational programs, and has also served as a guest design critic at the University of Illinois, College of Design, Masters thesis presentations.  


Educational and Professional Affiliations:

Over 25 years experience

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Minnesota

NCARB certified

American Institute of Architects

Licensed Architect in 2 states

Nick Sperides, Principal, NCARB, AIA

Nick currently serves as President and CEO of Sperides Reiners Architects, Inc. and is responsible for leading the firm in pursuit of business excellence as well as creating a culture which fosters design innovation, project delivery, financial performance and client satisfaction. Nick has developed an expertise in the Healthcare market and has been involved in many Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Imaging Centers, Clinics and Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Centers. Additionally, Nick’s diverse resume includes sports/recreational, religious, and retail/commercial architecture.  

Through his experience of 30+ years of practice, Nick has a developed a deep appreciation and understanding of relationships and teamwork required to achieve positive results in business.  His reputation has been built upon relationships that are founded in the firm’s architecture together with hard work, trust and integrity.

Nick has been involved in the game of hockey for over 50 years – as a player and currently as a coach.  His current role is assistant coach for BSM High School Women’s Varsity Hockey team. Nick has coached teams from beginners to college NCAA Division 3 Men’s Hockey and has been heavily involved in player development with Minnesota Hockey programs.


Educational and Professional Affiliations:

30 years experience

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Minnesota

Licensed Architect in 12 states

NCARB certified

American Institute of Architects