Our Work

We have extensive experience in a variety of markets and business categories. With every client project, we bring our proven process of knowledge gained from our collective past experience.


Architecture can play a transformative role in today’s healthcare facility by finding the right balance between the need for quality of care and the individual needs of the patient and staff. The space they enter doesn’t need to be cold, sterile and stark; it can be aesthetically warm, positive and inviting. Creating an environment to promote healing and comfort is essential when designing a healthcare facility.

At SRa we accomplish this goal. We not only design spaces for optimal healthcare delivery but also enhance overall patient satisfaction, comfort and help facilitate healing. From the building design and construction to the colors on the walls and noise mitigating accents, we enable healthcare organizations to improve quality of care while creating a first-class patient experience.


Projects for the Aging

Some estimate the senior housing growth will not peak until the year 2035 or later. In the time between now and then, you can expect the amenities and features for senior housing will continue to grow. Features like social spaces, ease of mobility, resting areas, and especially technological infrastructure will be improved to meet the needs of the senior market. Add the growing list of regulatory requirements with already thin financial margins and the need for architectural guidance couldn’t be greater.

SRa offers clients a wealth of experience for independent living, assisted living, memory care and adult day care projects, as well as active adult communities. 



Corporate architecture starts with the people who make up the organization. Corporations are more diverse than ever, and work environment expectations evolve along with it. As companies recruit the next wave of employees, corporate architecture is changing to meet the challenge. Gone are the corporate cube farms; say hello to architecture that is centered around flexibility, inclusion and personal growth. 

SRa recognizes these trends in the buildings we construct or reuse. We expertly balance the needs of employees and management. Because while management focuses on energy efficiency, open floor plans and work environments, the employees drive the change from the bottom up. Corporate architecture, we have found, is a great and challenging environment.



Creating a commercial space today is more demanding than ever. The pressure to deliver a highly functional building and space is intense. You have competing interests and strict budget targets, then mix in regulations, local politics and growing technology needs. The process is daunting.

This is where SRa brings value to the design/build process. Our experience and our proven ability to maximize a client’s investment gives you a better sense of control and the best possible outcome.


Sports & Recreation

Gone are the days of building walls, a roof and toss in some bench seating and your facility is good to go. Whether your building a community recreational facility or trying to create an intimate fan experience, the role of the architect has expanded in the sports and recreation market.

Today, the master plan often includes working beyond the walls of the venues to include the surrounding areas to maximize the fan experience and revenue opportunities. Add envisioning how to utilize sport venues year around beyond just the sport they were designed for and you now have a multi-use facility, mixed-use development.

Features include; technology, premium amenities, dedicated spaces, clubs, event plazas and social zones and more.

Interior Design

Interior design, often thought of as an art form, is now at the forefront of merging art with science to create an enhanced interior environment. A well-designed interior sets the tone of a business meeting, promotes healing, provides comfort and dignity in a healthcare setting and improves workplace satisfaction and productivity. Research has proven this. Lighting, colors, textures, furnishings and spatial arrangements can have a positive physiological and psychological effect on people.

At SRa, we leverage both the art and science behind fulfilling your vision for interior design. We believe in creating not just another trendy/pretty space, but one that aligns with your business goals, desired outcomes and ultimately the end users. This starts with extensive discovery and research. Asking the right questions. Knowing and applying the science behind what works and what doesn’t. Digging deeper to better understand how the interior design can create a cohesive, timeless space. As a result, you get creative and intelligent recommendations to achieve your goals and requirements.